K-Factor Rated Transformer Working & Specification - K-Factor Transformer Manufcaturers

K-Factor Transformers are designed to reduce the heating impacts of harmonic currents and flows made by burdens like those demonstrated in the diagram beneath. The K-Factor rating is a file of the transformer's capacity to withstand consonant substance while working inside the temperature points of confinement of its covering framework. K-Factor transformers have UL evaluations of K-4, K-13 and K-20.  

Features and benefits:
  • Low noise model
  • Effective coupling capacitance
  • Standard electrostatic shield
  • Standard neutral
  • Normal mode noise 30DB

These transformers emphasize conductors equipped for convey the symphonists momentum of non-direct stacks without surpassing the temperature rating of the cover framework. The fundamental configuration considers the expansion in characteristically happening "stray" misfortunes brought on by non-straight stacks that can create standard transformers to drastically overheat and fizzle rashly. The center and loop plan operates the DC flux created by triplen sounds that can create center immersion, voltage insecurity and overheating in a standard transformer. 

K-Factor Rated Transformer Load Factors:

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