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                            Padmavahini Transformers is the Manufacturer and Exporter of different kinds of transformers, which is produced as per the worldwide value benchmarks. We are guaranteed with ISO 9001:2000 affirmation and right now we are managing from Coimbatore, India. 
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    Our reach of items incorporates voltage transformers of limit up to 20 MVA, 66 KV voltage level, electroplating rectifier transformers and mechanical voltage controller. 
   Our association occupied with production and fixing of voltage transformers, control transformers and dissemination transformers. We moreover production altered heightened yield transformers that are standard and also for exceptional requisitions up to 20000 KVA. 

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About Padmavahini Transformers :

Padmavahini Transformers is the manufacturer and exporter of all types of transformers, which is manufactured according to the international quality standards. We are certified with ISO 9001:2000 certification and currently we are operating from Coimbatore, India.

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Our Range Of Products - Custom Transformer - Dry Type Transformer - Auto Transformer - Control Transformer - Step up Transformers - Isolation Transformers - K- factor Rated Transformers - 3 Phase Transformers - European Voltage Transformers - Drive Isolation Transformers - High Voltage Transformers - Epoxy encapsulated Transformers