Dry Type Transformer

We manufacture dry type transformer that is fabricated as per the global quality standards. We furnish an exact built extend of Dry Type Transformer that has high capability, blaze safety and elevated electric force. Dry sort transformer is made utilizing finest value overlay and electrolytic evaluation copper or aluminum windings that guarantee smooth working of apparatuses for long time. 


We offer dry type transformers that return away with special installations for example bidirectional wheels, graph plate, slip under base and considerably more. 

These dry type transformers are characteristics with: 

  • Reduced in size 
  • Spares over long benefit periods 
  • Reduces in expense 
  • Less support 
Dry Type Transformer Specification :

About Padmavahini Transformers :

Padmavahini Transformers is the manufacturer and exporter of all types of transformers, which is manufactured according to the international quality standards. We are certified with ISO 9001:2000 certification and currently we are operating from Coimbatore, India.

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  2. The transformer can be an electro-mechanical product which will take power of just one voltage Transformer companies in India Industries offers a full range of Electrical transformers manufactured.

  3. This blog is really nice. This give the machinery ideas in which i have a full interest.
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    Dry Type Transformer

  4. Dry type transformer will never be uses any type of insulating liquid where its winding with a core be immerged and rather winding's with the core are kept within a sealed tank that is pressurized with air.

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  6. Dry type Transformer provide a supreme protection to your machinery and supply them an accurate voltage supply.

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